Care Homes

Care homes require extra care

Care homes have always required the highest standards of cleanliness due to the vulnerability of the residents living there. However Since the covid-19 pandemic, care homes have required to be even more vigilant and to ensure that the home is more hygienically clean than ever.

The benefit of first-hand experience

What makes Lightfoot Cleaning Services stand out from other companies is that not only are we the only provider of deep cleaning and sanitisation services in North Wales and Cheshire that is approved by Trading Standards but that owner Colin has worked in many care homes throughout his 26 years within the care provision sector.

There is simply no one size fits all and Colin works closely with the staff of each care home and its residents to offer the flexibility and precise solution required and to deliver the highest standard of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitisation possible.

We have invested in one of the most powerful van-based carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaning machines in the UK and we can run hoses from the van that will reach up to 600ft. Where health and safety considerations allow, we can park outside with the van and access the home either via the rear of the building or through a second or third floor window, allowing us to clean those floors away from residents with minimal disruption.

We also carry our own water supply and remove the dirty water which is carried in a separate tank on the van. With water temperatures available of over 100 degrees, we kill bacteria in an environmentally friendly way using the quality solutions we carry which include sanitisation products withkill claims for covid 19 and other viruses.

We are also fully trained and insured to carry out infection control and deep cleans which include a fogging sanitisation service which could be for the care homes carpets, upholstery or vinyl / safety flooring.