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The first and only Trading Standards Approved provider of professional Sanitisation, Carpet, Hard floor, Upholstery and Deep Cleaning services in North Wales and Cheshire
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Based in Flintshire, Lightfoot Cleaning Services is the first and only Trading Standards approved provider of professional sanitisation, carpet, hard floor, upholstery and deep cleaning services in North Wales and Cheshire. Additionaly serving the Wirral, we are also SafeContractor approved and accredited members of the National Carpet Cleaning Association.


The effects of allergic reactions can be very debilitating and even life-threatening, which is why every business or organisation should make sure they’re taking steps to make sure that their workplace is a safe place for allergy sufferers of all kinds.

Around half of the UK population suffer from more than one allergy

It is estimated that around half of the UK population suffer from more than one allergy and a study of office workers conducted by Allergy UK found that 95% of allergy sufferers surveyed experienced allergy symptoms while at work. These symptoms included breathing problems, eye conditions, headaches, skin irritations and nasal problems.

According to the survey, there are numerous triggers in the workplace, the most common being dust, pollen and mould – invisible allergens that are very common in the office, especially in carpeted surfaces and cluttered desks.

Mould and dust mites can trigger allergic reactions

Mould spores live all around us, both at home and in the workplace, but they thrive especially well in any place that is humid, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Some five to ten per cent of people have allergic reactions to some form of mould, most commonly in the form of respiratory issues.

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live off dead skin cells that make up the majority of dust found indoors and, like mould, these bugs thrive in humid conditions and can trigger allergic reactions including asthma attacks, eczema and hayfever.

Proper ventilation and regular professional cleaning can help

Mould, pollen and dust allergies can be helped with proper ventilation and a regular professional cleaning programme. All three of these allergens can live very comfortably in carpets and on cluttered desks, which is where a thorough cleaning service can be very helpful. Ventilation can be improved by clean air vents and since workplace ventilation systems can also harbour significant amounts of dust over time, the ductwork of a building should be professionally cleaned every few years.

At Lightfoot Cleaning Services, our Allergy Control Solutions are conducted by our team of highly trained and fully insured professional technicians and ideally they should form part of a regular Deep Clean, Surface Sanitisation and Infection Control programme.

To discuss our Allergy Control Service or any of our other Specialist Cleaning Services please give us a call on 01244 811 933